Missouri State University

KPI Overview

The long-range plan, Putting Students First, outlined six strategies for Missouri State University-West Plains to help it achieve its core mission of educating persons. Annual performance measures—called Key Performance Indicators (KPI)—provide an objective standard for determining the extent to which Missouri State achieves it's goals and how it compares to other universities.

The KPIs focus on 12 important institutional measures. For each measure, up to five years of trend data will be presented below; newer measures will have fewer years. The KPIs will provide accountability along with serving as a guide for longer-term planning, priority setting and budgeting.

Progress towards 2016 targets

Indicators (Long Term View) Trending Away No Trend Across Variables Trending Toward or Sustained Excellence
1 Enrollment Trending Away
2 First Fall to Second Fall Retention Trending Toward
3 Three-Year Graduation and Transfer Rate Trending Toward
4 Native Transfers to MSU Springfield Trending Away
5 Performance Trending Toward
6 Faculty Instruction Trending Away
7 Tutoring Services Trending Toward
8 Diversity Trending Toward
9 Grant Activity Trending Away
10 Private Giving Trending Away
11 Public Affairs Mission Trending Toward
12 Sustainability No Trend