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11. Public Affairs Mission

Data last updated: November 2016

West Plains campus community involvement in the Public Affairs mission as measured by the number/percentage of faculty, staff and students to attend and/or participate in any event sponsored during the academic year by a University entity that concerns topics related to the general social and political welfare of the world's citizens (both presented on the West Plains campus and broadcast from the Springfield campus to the West Plains campus), as well as the implementation of at least one Public Affairs initiative per year on the West Plains campus. [MSU-WP LRP Student Engagement Objective 2; MSU: KPI 8]. GOAL – 1 public affairs initiative on the West Plains campus/year; Attendance GOAL – not set, need to collect baseline data.

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Progress towards 2016 targets

Trending Away No Trend Across Variables Trending Toward or Sustained Excellence
Trending Toward

Measure 1: Public affairs participation


Year Activities
Academic Year 2012 2
Academic Year 2013 3
Academic Year 2014 4
Academic Year 2015 6
Academic Year 2016 8

Measure 2: Public affairs attendance


Academic Year 2015 Academic Year 2016 2016 Goal
927 1,771 N/A
Year Attendance
Academic Year 2012 151
Academic Year 2013 302
Academic Year 2014 712
Academic Year 2015 927
Academic Year 2016 1,771